Marcos Contreras

creative co-founder

about marcos

Marcos’ career started out drawing fruit labels at the age of 10-years-old while he was supposed to be paying attention in class. He drew what surrounded him in the small rural town of Orange Cove, California. Agriculture and fields made up his environment. It was through his mother’s will to create that sparked curiosity in him to make art.

Marcos spent time at ACA and Jonathan Levine galleries in New York. This was his “aha” moment when he got to hold a Georgia O'Keeffe painting that he learned about in the art books he collected. He finally found his curiosity in art start to make sense. It was all leading him to that very moment. After graduating from Fresno State with a B.F.A in Graphic Design he worked with agencies in both digital and print production. His passion is helping clients tell their company stories through strong brand identity and design.

Marcos’ mantra is that it all starts with a pencil, piece of paper and a huge eraser to help you start again.